Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Introducing The Center

In order to support, facilitate and accelerate investment in the province, the Investment Services Center in line with the goals set forth in the Law and Executive Regulations of encouraging and supporting foreign investment, approved and approved by the Cabinet No. 1/8/11 to apply for representation. Iran's Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance Organization is formed at the provincial level; The center is the site of applicants for domestic and foreign investment in the province. Foreign investors are familiar with the West Azerbaijan Investment Services Center and in the presence of experts at the center's experts with the benefits and facilities of the Foreign Investment Law and Foreign Investment Facilities, as well as steps related to "obtaining foreign investment licenses". The center also answers questions from investing in the field with a corporate department. Foreign investigators can benefit from the guidance and assistance of the service center in order to other government executives and the private sector of the project on the subject of the project. Organizing work and workflow at the Investment Services Center is such that foreign clerks have access to all the necessary information and solutions, and do not provide various references to various provisions. The responsibility for providing services at the center is not limited to the pre -decision -making decision, but the investors can refer to the West Azerbaijan Investment Service Center and benefit from its services.

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